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Fridge Tetris

Our fridge is packed to the brim with mostly fresh fruit & vegetables. This is where everything gets lost at some stage in the tightly packed shelves. If you think your home fridge gets crazy at times, try feeding a family of six from a 190L fridge/freezer.

In the door you can find - Milk, Cheese, Feta, Butter, a Jar or two of Saurkraut (my kids love this stuff & we make it in the Thermomix every few weeks), Tomato Paste, Dijon for mayo making & a few random sauces that came from the home fridge (vegie paste & hollandaise are the likely jars). The shelving is where life gets interesting. We have used a selection of plastic boxes to help everything have a place & space for hopefully easy access.

In the shelving you will find...

* Citrus - Lemons/Oranges/Lime

* Avocados for breakfasts

* Carrots

* Capsicum

* Tomatos

* Mushrooms

* Pumpkin

* Zucchini's

* Spinach

* Broccoli/Cauliflower

* Fresh Meat (that is defrosting for upcoming dinners)

* Maybe some Salami or Ham as well

These are our fresh items that are on the shopping list every trip & will quickly fill the fridge after the shopping is done.

Our favourite recipes from the fridge ingredients are -

Quick Vegie Slice (my variation on the Zucchini Slice on Cookidoo)

Quiche Lorraine (this was recorded on a previous trip - we aren't on our way home like I make mention in the video)

Our Daily Sweet Potato & Zucchini Frittas (pictured below)

Three areas I have neglected to mention are our box of eggs under the bed, our fantastic hanging basket for fruit that doesn't need the fridge (apples, manderines etc), our hanging bag on the wall hooks for light things (pasta mainly), plus the under pantry box for potatoes, sweey potatoes, onions etc. Somewhere I forgot to mention the tinned tomatos that are in the pantry as well.

Tomorrow will be our last day parked in the front yard of our family before we head off adventuring for the warmer weather of North Queensland. Weather pending tomorrow, I hope to inspire you some Tmxing from the back of the car as we head out to explore an amazing coastline here on the Sunshine coast. See you then ~Lisa Keegan~

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