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Simple & budget friendly Thermomix recipes that are perfect for when you need to bring-a-plate.

It is that time of year when the calendar starts to fill with social events and with each of these, you are often asked to Bring-a-dish of food to share. Here are my tips to making it simple & saving money this year.

Click on the image to download my top 16 recipes that are perfect for when you need to Bring-a-plate.

Tip #1 - Bringing a plate with your Thermomix is easy when you plan ahead

You have heard me say this often, but planning is the key to being organised and stocked up so you can whip up these dishes using the ingredients you have already at home. Cookidoo has never made it so easy to get organised, create the shopping list and even get home delivery if required. Check out my videos over the next few weeks to help with swapping ingredients, making it even faster and adapting to dietary requirements.

Tip #2 - Pre-make what you can

Many of these Thermomix bring-a-plate dishes can be made in advance, and placed in the fridge or freezer until the day of the event - to then defrost and finish off on the day. My videos over the coming weeks have my tips on when and how far in advance you can do this with each recipe.

Tip #3 - Use your Thermoservers to keep things hot or cold

Putting your Thermoserver in the fridge for 30 minutes before you load up your salad to take to your lunch means you won't need to find fridge space once you arrive. Place the Thermoserver in a cooler bag to stretch the coolness out even longer without the fridge :)

For hot foods, pre-heat the Thermoserver with 1 cm of boiling water, place on the lid for 30 seconds, then carefully pour out the water into the sink (caution: it is boiling hot), pat dry with a towel quickly, before loading up your sausage rolls, brioche buns or whatever hot foods you are taking. An extra tip for hot foods- place a folded up paper towel or small washer under, and on top of the foods, to absorb any moisture as they will sweat once the lid is on.

If you do not have a Thermoserver, lets book an online demo with two of your friends or family members as you can receive a discounted Thermoserver ~ Aus customers only as we can not post overseas unfortunately.

Remember to Keep in Touch & Engage

Please remember I am here to support you as I love nothing more than knowing you are getting the very most from your Thermomix. As you are watching online, comment, like or share the videos so that FB & YT know that you want to continue to see them in your news feed. Reach out if you have questions, or anything you need support with. I am always happy to hear from you. Enjoy these recipes - I hope you are inspired to give them a go. Happy TMXing until next time ~ Lisa Keegan ~

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