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What is a Thermomix?

The Thermomix® is made by Vorwerk® and manufactured in factories in France. There have been 8 generations of Thermomixes with the most recent being the TM6 model.

Let's start with what it is NOT

The Thermomix® TM6 is NOT an oven, hotplate, deep fryer or popcorn maker. You an certainly make the delicious toffee for the popcorn using the sugar stages recipes, a creamy sauce for your BBQ steak, or the most amazing batter for the fish to deep fry...but an oven and hotplate are still useful tools in the kitchen. 

So what is the TM6

The TM6 was launched in July 2019 and is the first of its' kind with integrated Wi-Fi and a quad core processer on board. The TM6 model connects via Wi-Fi to Cookidoo® which is a recipe library that can be sent to the screen of the TM6, stepping the user through every step, one-at-a-time.  This recipe library has triple tested recipes, that are additionally user reviewed with star ratings meaning that you can be confident that you will have success with the recipe. There are nearly 10k recipes in English and over 86k recipes in a range of different languages. The TM6 keeps getting better all the time, with software updates that bring new features and modes. Check out the information below with the features of the TM6 model Thermomix®.

And what it is NOT!


In-built scales that measure to the 1 gram.


One blade that can go forward or reverse with the electromagnetic motor makes baking so easy.

Egg Boiler

Do you like your eggs soft boiled, or medium hard? There are five options to cook these to your liking.

Bread Machine

Kneading your dough has never been easier. The strength of the TM6 motor takes just 2 minutes to stretch out the perfect dough.

Measuring Cups

You won't be needing these one you have a TM6 on the bench. With recipes measured in weight, you won't be washing up these at the end of the day.


Blend mode is built into the TM6 making smoothies a breeze.


Start with frozen or raw lean meat, such as chicken breast, or rump, or lamb or pork, and in seconds using turbo you have perfect, healthy mince.


You won't need these with a TM6 on the bench. Anything you would put in a saucepan to stir and cook, you can do in a TM6.


The TM6 blade goes up to 10,220 revs per second allowing food to be chopped in no time.


Mixing a cake or batter is so easy with the guided recipes connected via wi-fi.


Add fruit, ice and water to make a fresh juice with pulp and all.

Fry Pan

High heat cooking means we don't need to use the fry pan much anymore. You can fry off meat or vegetables with easy using the TM6.

Ending notes

As a Thermomix® TM6 owner and consultant I have seen time again the transformation that the TM6 has brought to homes. The major factor in using a TM6 to its potential is in the support that you have the chance to utilise whne you first purchase. Deciding to purchase direct with a Thermomix consultant, not only supports a mum/dad small business, but they then are invested in your outcomes. I have referred myself on many occasions as your Personal Trainer for your Thermomix. I want to hear what is going well. I want to hear when a recipe has not gone to plan (before it goes in the bin so I can help you fix it), I want to invite you to a Cook Along and Classes that I tailor to you and my other customers interests and needs. I am here 7 days a week to answer your call, email or whatever it might be, so  you get the very most from your TM6 (you won't find that service in many places these days). I can not emphasise enough that buying through a Thermomix Consultant will bring you the very best outcomes from your Thermomix Journey. 

You can check out the Thermomix TM6 payment options here if you are ready for that, or you have any questions, or want to see the TM6 up close on a personalised consult, then you can book your session here. All the best as you explore options to make your life easier, healthier and happier this year. x Lisa Keegan

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