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Tmxing Adventures

with Lisa Keegan | Thermomix Consultant | Empower | Inspire | Confident

Welcome to my website. I am a wife, mum, Thermomix Consultant & Team Leader in Australia. I am passionate about equipping & empowering my customers to get the very most out of a Thermomix Investment. If you are not one of my customers but no longer have a consultant, feel free to reach out an book a demonstration, but in the mean time, there are a heap of resources here for you to be inspired with.


I believe that the Thermomix is an essential part of our modern kitchens. With life only getting busier, and food choices getting smaller and more complicated on the supermarket shelves, the Thermomix give you the freedom to make good food, with ease, every time. 

I love nothing better then getting out and doing demos in your homes & seeing the transformation the Thermomix brings - Good Food - With Ease - Every time is my motto! This is balanced with spending time caravanning with my boys somewhere near the water, with my Thermomix onboard. At home we are Gluten-free, mostly Dairy Free, limited sugar too & try to have a packet free kitchen.




Enjoy the site, and feel free to reach out if I can support you with a demonstration or help you get a Thermomix. xLisa

I love love love helping my customers get the very most from their investment. I am always on-call to answer any questions & support you. If you would like an online personalised cook-together to learn more, show 2 friends & get a free or discounted Host Gift, then lets organise a time. Further to this support, you will find me on YouTube & FB daily at 7pm inspiring you & helping your grow in confidence with your TMX

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