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Healthy Habits

Building a thermomixing habit that is hard to break

What was your hope when you first purchased your TM31, TM5 or TM6? Did you want to use it daily, weekly or for a certain dish?

With 2023 now well underway, how much Thermomixing are you doing? Like most of us, often we start with good intentions, but as the busy-ness of the year begins, we fall back to the old, harder way of doing food. Whether it is the fast-food dinners, the skipping the meals or what ever the case might be, I am here this month to support you with Stacking the Habits so we can jump back on track together and keep building on our love of our TMs.

Habit stacking - 4 recipes each week to cook together. Put them in the meal planner, send them to the shopping lists, and lets get cooking - click on the image below to download the Pdf with the clickable web links for each recipe or check here to get the entire collection to you Cookidoo account.

Each week you will find me live on Facebook & replayed on YouTube sharing these amazing new-to-me recipes. You will find a drink to get started, a healthy salad for lunches, a snack for when needed and a layered dinner to get the most from the whole Thermomix.

My Top Tips - To stay in the Thermomixing grove

Tip #1

A well stocked pantry is the foundation for an easy Thermomixing kitchen. If you haven’t downloaded my Fridge, Freezer & Pantry page as yet, subscribe for it to land in your inbox. Once you have the pantry stocked, you can make so many recipes from there alone

Tip #2

Put an alarm weekly and set a 15min time slot to plan you week ahead. For many thins might sound boring, however when life gets crazy, you will be pleased you planned ahead and have the ingredients on hand to make a wholesome and delicious meal. You don’t need more than 15mins…set the alarm and race it to the end to fill the week ahead.

Don’t feel like you have to stick to the plan. Now I know I said plan it out…but some nights you feel like fish, when chicken was on the plan, and that is ok. The mix-and-match is how we roll at my home. So long as I know I have the fresh ingredients for 7 meals a week (plus the pantry is full), then it is easy to make meatballs instead of lasagne or Kiev's instead of curry...give it a go!!1

Tip #4

Keep the Thermomix on the bench! I can not stress this enough! If it is away in a cupboard…I would not even use it. Put it in the place you will notice and use it the most. Ours is just down the counter from the sink…just close enough to wash vegies and chuck in, yet far enough away I can place the lid down there if needed. If it is put away…you simply won’t use it.

Tip #5

If you fall off the horse! Tell someone. It sounds simple, but it is usually one of the quickest ways to get back on the horse. If you have no-one to tell, then tell me. I often have cookalongs, workshops, a community of Thermomix loving friends and videos that I can share to help you find your way again.

Final Tip

Get into a routine of using it. Each month I share the downloadable page (as above) for the videos for the month ahead. Grab those links, print it out for the fridge, add them to your Cookidoo, watch the replay of the videos and get in the groove. I create them for YOU because I truly want the Thermomix to transform your home, which it will if you want it to. Happy Thermomixing and I will see you online soon x Lisa

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