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Your Varoma

Hey there!

The varoma allows us to cook with steam, while having water, soup or vegetables underneath at the same time. No matter which model you have, the varoma still works the same expanding the capacity of the Thermomix. 

You can download my PDF list below with the links to the recipes but some of my favourite things to steam are

* A Whole Chicken

* Salmon and Vegetables

* Puddings or Cupcakes.....delicious

Happy Tmxing & enjoy the recipes below ~ Lisa Keegan

Varoma Cover.png

Food for thought..

Your Varoma base, tray and lid are all dishwasher proof just like the rest of your Thermomix (just not the big white base), however if you do not have a dishwasher, I would suggest laying a piece of wet baking paper on the varoma tray. This will stop the meat juices getting stuck in small holes which then take ages to scrub out. The dishwasher makes light work of this and just blasts it out. Special note: The varoma makes an amazing colander for draining pasta or washing salad greens

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