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Have you got the freezer ready for work or school snacks as yet?

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

These are my favourite 16 recipes from Cookidoo to make in preparation for the weeks ahead. They are mostly nutrient dense containing fruit or vegetables and as little sugar as possible. Those of you who a Gluten Free, most are this as well or watch the videos to see how to make them GF...wahoo!!

Healthy Snacks Thermomix - click on the image to download the PDF with the recipe links included. Or click here to get the entire collection added to your Cookidoo and print the image for the front of the fridge.

This month I am coming to you on Facebook and YouTube to make these delicious snacks. I will bring you my tips, shortcuts and substitutions so you can make these as well with ease. They will all freeze beautifully and can be pulled out for those days where you need a quick healthy snack, when someone pops over or when you need something for school/work lunches.

There is nothing better than knowing that you can reach into the freezer and grab some snacks, rather than reaching for the wallet at lunch at work.

My Top Tips

#1 - Get organised now

Add the recipes that catch your eye to your Cookidoo shopping list, grab the ingredients and mark out a few hours one morning to make as much as you can.

Remember to alternate between recipes that need the oven, and those that don't. Or pick recipes that cook at the same temperature to save time in the kitchen.

Tip #2 - Use ingredient swaps

When you add the ingredients to the list...what is an odd ingredient that you could swap for something more common. eg. Wheat germ for Rolled Oats, or Golden Raisins for Sultana's

Always consider... The texture (go for like textures), what the ingredient does in the recipe (does it stick the mixture together) and lastly flavour (is it key to the outcome).

Tip #3 - Shortcuts

Sometimes there are shortcuts to be had. Most often I find I can swap out a brown onion cook by using a sweeter purple onion that doesn't need cooking OR swap in ham instead of need to cook off at all. If you are wanting to see this in action, check out my vegie slice as it is a good example of this swapping process.

Final Tip

Have fun with your Tmxing knowing you are creating amazing food for yourself and/or your family that is free from preservatives, additives and colours. I truly hope you are feeling more confident as you watch the videos and learn how easy life is with the Thermomix on the bench. I am always happy to hear from you, so press the chat button if you ever need support x Lisa Keegan

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