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Starting the drive south

Next stop is Port Douglas. We had heard mixed reviews of this tourist location, but we were so glad we stopped in for 5 days. The weather was fantastic, the pool was 31 degrees (yes I even hoped in) and we managed to fill each day to the brim. The highlight for the boys was the Private Reef Fishing Charter we managed to find. Many of the charters can only fit four people, however we found Out and About Fishing and our guide Malcom made it the most memorable trip for the boys. Over 12 fish were caught and released during our morning fishing session and the kids were captivated by everything he said.

While in Port Douglas we took a scenic drive up to Cape Trib. On the way we stopped for the morning and took the Solar Express Crocodile Cruise on the Daintree River. It was an informative one hour with tour guide Dave where we managed to find two crocs, two snakes, two baby crocs & some birds. Next to the croc tour location is the Daintree River Ferry when you take the boat to the north bank to then continue the drive through the Daintree up to Cape Trib. After an hour or so, we ran out of bitumen and learnt we were now driving on the Bloomfield track (this is a 4wd track that connects through to the south end of Cooktown). This was not on the itinery, nor were we packed for such an adventure, so we turned around and headed back towards the ferry. We found a fish and chip shop just down the road for some snacks, and the kids had spotted an ice-cream place, so that was the next stop. This ice-cream shop is very unique, in that they make ice-creams using exotic fruits. We had a shared taster of wattle seed flavour, coconut, jack fruit flavour and passionfruit. While we were here the kids saw their first adult Cassowary wandering through the exotic fruit farm. They were very excited.

Further south we stopped in at the Daintree Discover Centre which had an audio tour that we did, walking on sky bridges above the forest floor. From here the boys were tiring so it was back on the ferry and we headed home for the day.

We were fortunate that while we were there, we had the Mossman Markets on Saturday morning and the Port Douglas markets on Sunday. I love nothing more then a leisurely wander through the markets (while the kids and hubby buy the fresh produce for the week ahead). Both markets were fantastic with a great selection of arts, crafts and produce. I love the abundance of farm fresh food here in North Queensland.

Next we are off to Cairns to stop in for the overdue car service before then heading further south. We are slowly getting closer to home.

Incase you haven'tseen, I have been doing a fantastic series the past week on Manually using your TMX. If you are interested in learning more about how to use your TM31, TM5 or TM6 Manually, then check out these videos & feel free to share them with your TMX friends.

I look forward to sharing more of our adventures in the coming weeks. Happy Tmxing until then and please remember, I am only ever a phone call or message away, and love to hear from you. Take care ~Lisa Keegan~

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