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Filling the Freezer

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Who would have once thought that the hardest adult decision is going to be what to eat for dinner each night for the rest of our life? Well the Thermomix has some pretty awesome recipes that make mighty large batches, which are perfect for freezing for when you just don't want to think about dinner...winning!!

Today the Sunshine Coast was not sunshining but wet. Waking to the sound of rain on the roof meant lots of inside time in our home on work, then games, then a warming lunch. Oh how I love having frozen sauces on days like today. We voted on Korma from the freezer, heated it in the Thermomix using the Warm Up Mode, then added diced chicken & it was ready to serve in 20 mins (Rice was cooked in the Thermoserver at the same time...winning).

Here are my favourite sauce recipe. They can be doubled & are in my freezer for such occasions when you can't be bothered or you need a warming meal. If you want to watch how they were made, you can click on the recipe and watch the replays....

* Creamy Garlic Chicken (YouTube video to come)

Once they are made, I love using the Silicon 1L Zip Lock Pouches from the Thermomix Mix Shop to bag them up into the 750ml- 1L portions, freeze them flat (this makes for quick defrosting) and ready to add the meat and/or vegies to when the need arises.

My other freezable suggestions if you have the space include -

* Vegetarian or Kumara Sausage Rolls

* Chicken Kiev's/Nuggets

Tomorrow evening will be the end of the organisation theme, finishing with the fridge. Come past and check it out before we leave the Sunshine Coast & head north for the warmer weather ~Lisa Keegan~

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