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Be Inspired,
Get Confident &
Transform your Kitchen

Do you want an organised, calm & healthier kitchen, where even the kids can cook?

The TM6 Thermomix® is the answer & I would love to introduce it to you & your family.

My mission, once you have it on the bench, is to support you to get the very most from your Thermomix®.

20 appliances in
One TM6

It is no surprize that I love my TM6. It has empowered me to make amazing food for my family, on a tight budget, even when catering to specific dietary preferences. Our TM6 has travelled thousands of Kms with us around Aus in or caravan, & would be the first appliance we would replace if we ever found ourselves kitchenless. You truly can cook in the smallest places, with no skills & serve up tasty food guaranteed everytime thanks to the TM6 & Cookidoo. If you want to learn more about the Thermomix, click here.


If you are yet to invest in a Thermomix®, & have questions, I am here to inspire you what the TM6 can do through personalised consultations, my daily videos, & group cook-togethers.


If you are ready to transform your kitchen, click the link to get your TM6 on its way.


Personalised Consultation

Lets get on online & I can show you through the TM6 & answer your questions.

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Video Tutorials

Come cook or watch along to my daily videos. These are a great way to get inspired and gain confidence with your TM.

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Getting more from your Thermomix® Courses

Are you ready to take your Thermomixing to greater heights? This course is for you.

Hi there. I am
Lisa Keegan...

This is just a quick intro to me as I am a real person who loves to support real people to get the most from their Thermomix® investment. 

When you purchase a TM6 from me, I am there every step of the way, supporting you and those in your home as much or as little as you need from the first day, to the next year & beyond. It is my mission to make sure you are loving and using your TM6 how you dreamed you would. 

If you want to learn more about me, check it out here.


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