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Thermomix Sauces

There is nothing quiet like having your fridge full of home-made sauces that you know are clean from preservatives, colours and numbers. These are some of my favourites that we make regularly and keep in stock in the fridge or freezer.


If you would like the entire collection added to your cookidoo app, click here.


Download the PDF with all of the Cookidoo recipe links included. Happy Tmxing & enjoy ~ Lisa Keegan

Sept 2023 Sauces.png

Easter Grazing Boxes

Keep an eye out mid month as I launch a FREE Easter Grazing Box filler series. This will be such a cost saver, filling the box with home made goodies including hot cross buns, home made Easter treats, dipping sauces and spreads plus home made crackers. I am excited to share more soon. x Lisa

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