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Thermomix Café Style

Making amazing Café Style food from the comfort of your home

How often do you go out for some fancy café food, only to wonder if you could have made it at home? The Thermomix and Cookidoo is the answer you need. With the star ratings on recipes, the guided ease and my videos to support you - you don't need to eat out anymore. You can download the full list of recipes here.

16 Recipes for Thermomix Café Style
16 Recipes for Thermomix Café Style

Each week you will find me live on Facebook & replayed on YouTube sharing these amazing recipes.

My Top Tips

Tip #1 - Thermomix swaps where needed

Do you go to make a recipe and find you do not have the ingredient or maybe you do not like the ingredient? You know you can swap it for something else? For example - you do not drink coffee, then swap it for cocoa. You don't have asparagus, then mixed vegies it is. I always try to consider the texture and water content when swapping...think of recipes as the base and you can play with the rest.

Tip #2 - Thermomix to the size you want

If you do not want to make the full cake...consider scaling it to suit. Cookidoo 3.0 allows you to scale recipes, or you can do it yourself instead. Turn cakes into muffins, or breads into bread rolls if you want smaller recipes sizes.

Tip #3 - Planning & a well stocked pantry is key to creating café style foods at home

If you know you are having visitors, life is made so much easier with a well stock pantry. This gives you the base for so many recipes that you can create and impress them with. If you haven't yet got my Pantry, Fridge & Freezer List (you would have received it in an email when you first subscribed to Tmxing Adventures), you can download it here.

Final Tip

If you go out and you find a recipe you enjoy - take a picture of the menu so you can have a go at replicating it at home. Often you will find a simple online search will give you a good starting point to make this recipe at home for the fraction of the price. If you need support with this, I am always happy to help. Enjoy your TMXing until next time ~Lisa Keegan~

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