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Growing Microgreens

Growing microgreens is so simple that even the non-green thumbed amongst us can do this. Microgreens are power-packed full of nutrients, vitamins & enzymes that are great for every meal of the day. With just these simple tools and method you can have these ready to harvest in 10-14 days.

You will need:

* Grow Tray - this has holes in the bottom to allow water in and roots out. You can also put a liner on the tray if you want to stop the soil from falling through.

* Drip Tray x 2 (one to grow in and one to cover with)

* Seed raising mix - whatever you can get from your local hardware.

* Seeds to grow - when you order the trays, I would suggest buying seeds as well. The standard seeds purchased from the hardware are not enough for what you need. The most cost-effective is Green Mizuna or Tatsoi and 100g is a good amount to start with, about $11 AUD for the 100g packets. Each grow tray will use approx 20g of seeds so you will have plenty left over for the next tray. If you are going all-in then buy the 500g so you don't need to stock up again for a long time.

Helpful other items:

* Spray bottle to mist the seeds

* small cup to scatter the seeds

* water to quarter-fill the drip tray

* warm place to put the greens

Check out this video on how to easily grow your own Microgreens and keep an eye out for some more upcoming garden tours, hydroponic tutorials, and of course, more TMXing Adventures x Lisa

Disclaimer: I am not associated with any of the businesses linked above. I am just a happy customer who has used and purchased their products.


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