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Your Thermomix is on its' way

1. Sign up to the 30 day free trial on

Once your TM6 arrives, you will sign into Cookidoo on your TM and it will give you 6 months free subscription. Please use the website (not the app) until your TM arrives.

Tmxing Adventures is my Website to help inspire you to get more from your Thermomix. Everyone month I will send an email to inspire you & share current offers. Join up here. While you are joining things, feel free to join my Facebook customer support group for daily live videos, and/or subscribe to my YouTube channels for the recordings to help you get more from your Thermomix. 

3. Organise a date for your Delivery Celebration (if applicable)

This is an exciting time where you invite 2 or 3 friends over or online, to celebrate the arrival of your Thermomix. In 30 minutes we will make amazing dishes as you learn the next level tips to your Thermomixing. This is usually done via dial-in online (or can be in-person depending on location). Having your two friends there additionally qualifies you for a 20% off MixShop Voucher plus a discounted host reward. If life is too busy, then there are other ways to learn more about your TM6 as I run monthly New Owner Online events, Cooking Classes & support you with the daily videos. I am so excited to support you to get inspired & gain confidence with your Thermomix.

Now What...

Once your Thermomix arrives, get it out of the packaging and onto your bench. Remove the blue arm protection, screen protector (these go sticky over time) and press the silver dial to turn your Thermomix on for the first time. It will have a software update that can take sometime to complete, then follow the prompts until you have finished the set up process. Now wash the bowl up (caution: the blades are sharp), dry the pins under the bowl & you are ready to start creating. I will send you through a brief video on caring & using your Thermomix shortly then lets chat on the phone, so I can answer any question & give you some pointers for getting the most from Cookidoo.

This is just the beginning of transformation of your kitchen, I am so excited for you and all that is to come. I look forward to speaking with you for your personalised phone consult soon to get you started with Cookidoo.

I am only ever a phone call or message away, so please keep in touch as I love to hear from you. Think of me as your PT (personal trainer) for your Thermomix, so if you need more inspiration, hints or advice, please just reach out. You can find the many ways to be supported here.

I really appreciate you sharing the Thermomix love with those around you, so as you do, and they become curious, feel free to pass them my details to help them get their own Thermomix.

Talk soon. Lisa Keegan

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